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ilo dashboard and Writer

I think I spend more time on ilo than I do on the actual Twitter app.

Dickie Bush

Best twitter analytics tool ever hands down. I recommend ilo to everyone.

Andrew Gazdecki

ilo Analytics

Best-in-class Twitter analytics that tells you what works

Weekly round-up email Engagements per impression chart Tweets table

ilo's super detailed analytics track your tweet performance and how your followers grow.

Understand which types of content you should focus on so you can grow your audience easier.

Real-time insights and Tweet Streaks—right in your Twitter DMs—keep you clued in and motivated.

ilo helps you grow on Twitter, just smarter.

ilo Reply ilo Reply

ilo Reply

Grow on Twitter by being more engaged

ilo Reply makes it fast and easy to stay engaged on Twitter.

Stay in touch with your own audience with a feed of replies to your tweets. Spend 5 minutes replying, then get back to your life.

Bonus: Get exposure to other people's audiences by adding Twitter Lists to Reply. Quickly engage in their conversations from ilo's clean interface.

More engagement = more eyeballs = a larger audience 📈

With Reply, ilo moves further than analytics and makes it easy to increase engagement.


ilo improves habits, not just analyzes them.

Dustin McCaffree
ilo Writer on desktop and iPhone

ilo Writer

Capture tweet ideas and write in peace. Far from the busy timeline.

Ideate, draft and publish tweets from a simple publishing interface.

Write and schedule unlimited tweets.

ilo Writer is a calm, quiet place to record ideas and write. At your desk or on the go.

Follower database

Search, browse and download your audience

Follower and unfollower feed Followers in a profile Twitter follower database

With ilo's Follower add-on, track your entire audience in a database-like interface.

View all new followers and all unfollowers in a simple feed.

Find and browse people with keyword search and sortable columns.

Then download your audience with a single click.

ilo is your helpful Twitter companion Smiley face

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Create your Twitter analytics dashboard in a few short clicks.

Start your free 14-day Pro trial. No credit card required.

The most advanced Twitter analytics platform available.

It's got all the metrics you need in a simple, intuitive user interface.

Alex Brogan

ilo makes it super easy to see which kinds of tweets perform best for whatever metric I'm optimizing for.

It helps me grow on twitter without spending my life on it.

Monica Lent

A few reasons why people stick with ilo

ilo sends insights over Twitter DM and email

Real-time insights about your tweets. Right in Twitter.

ilo is the only Twitter tool that alerts you when a tweet takes off or when you hit major follower milestones.

Get alerted right inside Twitter via DM, or over email.

ilo's tweet table and engagement chart

Take the guess work out of Twitter.

Let ilo tell you which content performs best, then do more of that.

With data tables and charts galore, you can easily find out which tweets:

  • get high engagement
  • create followers via profile clicks
  • reach the most people
Full-thread analytics in ilo

Measure your threads as a whole.

ilo’s unique full-thread analytics makes it easy to compare your threads as single pieces of content.

You can also see how each tweet in a thread performs, to see which tweets stand out with high engagement, where readers click the most, or where they stop reading.

Twitter Streak features in ilo

Stay consistent on Twitter with Streaks.

Tweeting consistenly is one of the simplest ways to grow on Twitter

ilo reminds you to tweet regularly in daily digest emails, iOS widgets and helpful DMs.

Tweet Streaks keep you motivated and puts growth on autopilot.

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"ilo" (pronounced "ill-oh") is the Finnish word for "joy" 😌