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Welcome to ilo's affiliate programme!

Earn 25% commission or $15 credit for every new paying customer you refer.

You can earn affiliate rewards by simply sharing your unique affiliate link, or if you're an ilo user by sending people to your public ilo dashboard.

Every time someone becomes a paying customer after visiting your link, you'll earn a reward. You can choose between commission or credit rewards and can change between the two whenever you like.

And your referrals also get an automatic 10% discount when they sign up using your link!

Free credit

Earn $15 ilo credit for each referred customer.

Credit is applied instantly to your account and automatically deducted from future invoices.

You can bank as much credit as you want.


Earn 25% of every payment made by referred customers (recurring).

Payouts are made to PayPal at the start of every month, with a minimum $50 payout limit and a 21 day delay.

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