Twitter Follower database

Your Twitter audience, in a sortable, searchable, exportable database

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An easy-to-browse database of your followers with search and sorting plus exporting to CSV.

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An overview of your audience

The core Follower table shows all of your Twitter followers in a useful view, unavailable anywhere else.

It’s a brand new way to browse, view and understand your Twitter audience.

Search for and sort followers

Go deeper into your followers

Get to know your audience in an immersive way.

The Follower table is easy to sort by metrics (like follower count or sign up date).

Search for followers by keyword across names, usernames and bios.

Coming soon: filter users by data points. For example “all users with +50k followers who have followed me in the last 6 weeks”.

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A Follower and Unfollower feed

A simple list of all new followers—including profile information—helps you track and get to know new people in your audience.

Optionally add in unfollowers to your feed to also track which accounts stop following you.

Detailed tweets table

Download your followers to CSV/Excel

One click and your full audience is exported.

Keep historical records of your followers, or load your data into another app.

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Amar Ghose, CEO of Zenmaid
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