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Monitor your audience & understand participation in your Twitter Spaces.

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ilo makes it easy to see how your Spaces perform with audience metrics, speaker lists, participation charts and a history of all your Spaces.

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“Twitter is where our people are at and ilo makes it so much easier to analyze what we are doing right, or wrong!

Rosie Sherry
Community at @IndieHackers (69.5k)
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Useful, live audience metrics

ilo tracks the audience and speakers, and generates useful metrics to help you get an amazing overview of what happens in your Spaces.

From the minute your Space begins, ilo actively updates metrics while your Space is live, and preserves your Space forever once it’s over.

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Speaker and audience tracking

With ilo monitoring your Spaces, you will always have a record of who spoke and for how long. Easily see who was most active in your Spaces.

Full audience lists are coming soon (waiting for a Twitter API update).

Detailed tweets table

A record of your Spaces

Once finished, Twitter doesn’t show you a list of your Spaces. With ilo, you’ll get a history of your events complete with metrics.

You can easily compare and sort Spaces in the table view to find your best-performing events.

Twitter Follower growth charts

Visualise your audience

For the first time, see your Spaces audiences visually.

The participation chart gives a fantastic overview of the Space throughout its duration. Quickly see at which point listeners joined or dropped off.

“This is much better than the default Twitter analytics.

Julian Shapiro
@Julian (195.8k)


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Monitor tweet performance and follower growth.


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  • Tweet engagement analysis
  • Follower growth tracking
  • Sortable, searchable Tweet metric table
  • Daily digest emails
  • 24-hour Tweet timelines
  • Tweet Streaks
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Weekly, monthly, daily growth analysis
  • Follower milestone predictions
  • Shareable live charts
  • iOS and Mac widgets via Scriptable
  • Analytics API


Track and analyse your Twitter Spaces.


Billed $20 monthly
or $13.33/mo at $160 yearly
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  • Includes Tweets plan features
  • Detailed metrics about your Spaces
  • Measure audiences and speakers
  • Minute-by-minute engagement charts
  • Rankable list of all of your Spaces
  • View your most-engaged audience members (soon)


Understand and utilise your audience.


Billed $30 monthly
or $20/mo at $240 yearly
4 months free. Save $120

  • Includes Tweets & Spaces plan features
  • Live follower database
  • Search, filter and sort your followers
  • A feed of new followers and unfollowers
  • Unfollower data in follower charts and digest emails
  • Export your followers any time to CSV

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