Get more consistent on Twitter with Tweet Streaks

ilo's Streaks feature gently prompts you to tweet every day.

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Tweeting consistently is an amazing way to grow on Twitter. Putting in the effort every day to share a thought, idea or even just a quick life update puts you in front of new people, and every tweet has the chance to bring in new followers and a larger audience.

ilo gently prompts you to keep tweeting regularly in three different ways.

Note: in ilo a Streak only includes days where you post original tweets and quote tweets, not replies to other user's tweets.

Daily digest email

The daily digest is an email sent around 6am each morning, which breaks down some top-level data from your previous day on Twitter.

Included is a list of your tweets with some metrics, how many followers you gained (compared against a 30-day average, so you can see how the day performed), plus the length of your current tweet streak.

Seeing your current tweet streak every morning helps you to see how well you're doing, and reminds you to send at least one tweet each day.

Today block

Your streak is also shown in the "Today" block at the top of your dashboard. You can view this by clicking on "Today" in the top right of the highlighted box.

This block shows your current day's stats and compares them to your averages from the last 14 days, which helps to gauge how well your day on Twitter is going.

Tweets chart

The third place to track your streak is at the Tweets chart on your dashboard. The metrics above the chart are a summary of some basic data from the chart, and this includes your current streak.

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