What is “EPI”?

Understand what EPI stands for and how it is useful for measuring your tweets' performance.

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In ilo, “EPI” stands for “Engagements per Impression”.

EPI is a very useful base metric to gauge how well a tweet performs.

EPI measures total engagements relative to the number of times a tweet is viewed, making it easy to compare engagement levels of different tweets regardless of how many impressions they get.

For account below 20,000 followers, here is a helpful scale for different EPIs.

  • a great EPI is typically 5% or higher
  • a good EPI is 3–5%
  • an OK EPI is 1–3%
  • a poor EPI is less than 1%

This means a really well-performing great tweet typically gets 1 or more engagements per 20 views.

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