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Understand how your tweets perform, so you can get better at Twitter.

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ilo effortlessly surfaces helpful tweet metrics so you can understand and grow both engagement and followers.

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“Made my ilo dashboard public so you can see my Twitter analytics 🙌

Such a great product. 👌”

Corey Haines
@coreyhainesco (12.8k)

“@iloAnalytics is 100x better than the default Twitter Analytics. With an API, public dashboard setting, and iOS widget ❤️”

Dustin McCaffree,
@terribledustin (4.4k)
Tweet impressions chart

Detailed analytics

ilo provides a wide selection of charts and data points about your tweets.

Track tweet activity, engagement levels and follower growth.

You can’t get this level of helpful, focussed analytics anywhere else.

Engagements per impression chart

Beautiful, useful charts

ilo’s charts and tables give you a brand new way to view your tweets.

Custom metrics like “Engagements per Tweet” and “Engagements per Impression” surface data you’ve never seen before.

Detailed tweets table

Understand engagement

With one glance at your Tweet table, easily see which kind of tweets get more impressions, likes or profile clicks.

Order tweets by different metrics to understand which are most enjoyed by your audience. Search by word to drill down into different topics.

Twitter Follower growth charts

Track follower growth

Unlike Twitter's own analytics, ilo tracks your follower count over time.

Easily visualise and understand growth, and see how different tweets affect your growth rate.

“While some of the tools that I use for scheduling and writing tweets have analytics built in, I still keep coming back to ilo. It's easier to get the insights I'm looking for.”

Marc Thomas
@iammarcthomas (3.8k)

“The pivotal turning point for me was deciding to be ‘better at twitter’, to grow my Twitter audience. I started following other makers in my space and I bought a powerful tool called @iloAnalytics.”

John Ballinger
@sponno (2.5k)

✨ Key features ✨

A dashboard full of charts and figures

Get a full overview of your tweet performance and follower growth from a detailed and helpful dashboard.
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A table of tweets for quick metrics

ilo lays out your tweets in a simple but powerful table so you can easily look at figures quickly, by any metric (impressions, likes, replies etc.)
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Tweet timelines

Unique to ilo! View a chart showing engagements and impressions over each tweet's first 24 hours.
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Follower growth

See follower growth tracked in daily, weekly or monthly periods, with charts and a data table. No need for a spreadsheet.

Email digests

Get a quick overview of each day's tweet performance in your inbox.

Gentle nudges to tweet better

ilo prompts you to keep tweeting consistently with Tweet Streaks.

Make your dashboard public

Similar to the "open startup" movement, ilo allows you to make your Twitter stats public.

Easily switch between accounts

Monitor multiple Twitter accounts with ilo and switch between them with a single click.

Twitter analytics API

ilo's API lets you display your Twitter analytics in other systems. Create custom dashboards. Build whatever you want.
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Live follower widgets for iOS and Mac

Use ilo's pre-built widgets to show your live follower count on your Mac and iOS devices.
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Premium Twitter analytics from $10/month.

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Monitor tweet performance and follower growth.


Billed $15 monthly
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  • Tweet engagement analysis
  • Follower growth tracking
  • Sortable, searchable Tweet metric table
  • Daily digest emails
  • 24-hour Tweet timelines
  • Tweet Streaks
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Weekly, monthly, daily growth analysis
  • Follower milestone predictions
  • Shareable live charts
  • iOS and Mac widgets via Scriptable
  • Analytics API


Track and analyse your Twitter Spaces.


Billed $20 monthly
or $13.33/mo at $160 yearly
4 months free. Save $80

  • Includes Tweets plan features
  • Detailed metrics about your Spaces
  • Measure audiences and speakers
  • Minute-by-minute engagement charts
  • Rankable list of all of your Spaces
  • View your most-engaged audience members (soon)


Understand and utilise your audience.


Billed $30 monthly
or $20/mo at $240 yearly
4 months free. Save $120

  • Includes Tweets & Spaces plan features
  • Live follower database
  • Search, filter and sort your followers
  • A feed of new followers and unfollowers
  • Unfollower data in follower charts and digest emails
  • Export your followers any time to CSV

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