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5 Reasons You Should Schedule Tweets

Scheduling tweets ahead of time can help to maximise reach and engagement and save you time.

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Being active on Twitter is a great way to get your name out there. While it’s important to be involved with Twitter daily, some people don't have time to tweet.

Here are 5 reasons how scheduling tweets ahead of time can help to maximise reach and engagement.

1. Improve your productivity

Let's assume if we tweet 8-10 times a day. Writing a tweet and publishing it takes time. You will need to take a break from your existing work to go on Twitter to tweet. Thus an interrupted session of work leads to reduced productivity.

A negative outcome of this could result in you not completing a high-priority task for the day. By scheduling your tweets you can invest more time in other activities that are the more valuable to you, instead of wasting extra hours on Twitter.

2. Reach a wider audience

Engagement starts with a tweet.

You can reach more people at various time zones by tweeting at multiple times of the day. Your potential customers are on Twitter at multiple and various times of the day rather than at a specific time.

Tweeting when your audience is online and ready to engage will put your profile in more timelines, giving a higher exposure to your profile.

By scheduling tweets, you can easily target an audience from different timezones that will reward you with more engagement and ultimately resulting in more followers.

3. Ensure quality

Scheduling tweets is essentially planning.

You could plan and schedule all your tweets for the week every weekend or during your free time. By adding a little every day to your tweet or thread ideas, you can create better content and be more productive.

It also helps you in identifying your audience by deciding which content to create and which hashtags to leverage.

4. Save time

This is a strongest reason why you should be scheduling tweets. While you are busy doing your work throughout the day you are also building your brand with the help of scheduled tweets and engaging with the audience. How cool is this?

Once you schedule tweets, your followers will see it in their feed and engage with it without your direct input.

5. Bring consistency to your profile

If you are tweeting regularly, your audience will grow, making growing your audience even easier. You will start receiving more engagement to your tweets even while you are asleep.

You may have 10 tweets on one day but no tweets for the next 10 days. This shows inconsistency in your profile and will lead to unfollowing. Avoiding gaps in tweeting frequency makes your Twitter profile appear more active, which makes it more follow-worthy.

Twitter scheduling tools

There are plenty of tools available to schedule tweets. Even Twitter's web app provides a way to schedule tweets.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Happy Growth Hacking! :)

Harsh Makadia Harsh Makadia

Harsh Makadia is building a nocode tool to deploy chatbots in minutes. He is also crazy about Nocode, Building Audience and Javascript.


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